10 Steps to Stop the WEF

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Many of you have asked me how we can take action and stand up against the WEF and its agenda. Don’t be discouraged – here are ten powerful steps you can take to make sure the Great Reset fails:

1. Voice your opinion to the politicians.

Many politicians believe that the majority of the population supports the woke agenda because they operate within their own political bubbles and receive biased information from the media, which creates a false sense of societal consensus. To counteract this, you should communicate your opinion to your local, regional, and national politicians via email or on Twitter, expressing either criticism or praise. However, it is crucial to maintain a polite and respectful tone, as many politicians may need to be convinced that we are not extremists but rather based and red-pilled citizens who are critical of the WEF’s agenda and see it as a threat to national sovereignty (i.e. express your concern about unnecessary centralization of hierarchies and address that we did not vote for any of them). In this regard, comments such as “Nuremberg 2 will wait for you” or “time to get the guillotines out” would be counterproductive.

2. Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge.

Despite some flaws in the judicial system, it is not fair to assume that all judges are “woke.” We must continue to bring forth complaints and lawsuits, as the more people involved, the better the chance of success. Even if the lawsuits don’t succeed, they will create greater public awareness. Therefore, every lawsuit filed against the WEF’s agenda will have a positive impact on our society’s freedom. It is time to hold accountable those who have forced vaccinations, subjected our children to masks and PCR tests, discredited us online and offline, and politicians like Matt Hancock who have terrified the population with fear tactics.

3. Decentralized Blockchain-Based Twitter.

The WEF’s stance against free speech and informed citizens is concerning, but we can protect our freedom of expression by using decentralized social media platforms. These platforms allow us to own and control our data while communicating and sharing information directly with other users. Decentralization provides greater privacy and security since user data is not stored on a central server that can be hacked. It also promotes more freedom of expression, as decentralized networks are less likely to censor content on the front-end. One example of such a platform is Bastyon, although it suffers from usability issues. To improve the situation, one can encourage Elon Musk to consider turning Twitter into a decentralized platform and thus promote a more democratic and free internet.

4. Don’t want mRNA in your food? Become self-sufficient.

The WEF’s attempt to exert control over every aspect of our lives is unsettling, especially their recent statement that “the era of free will is over.” But fear not! It’s time to break free from their grasp and increase your level of self-sufficiency. Imagine harvesting fresh vegetables from your own garden or raising chickens for fresh eggs – it’s not only rewarding but also a step towards independence from the corrupt system. By becoming self-sufficient, you can have greater control over what you consume and potentially avoid any unwanted ingredients or technologies, such as mRNA. Take control of your food, water resources, and energy (heat and electricity) to the highest degree possible, and watch as your self-sufficient lifestyle blossoms. And you’re not alone! There are many citizen initiatives on homesteading in each state and country. So connect with like-minded individuals who are anti-woke, learn, and share your knowledge – it’s time to take back control!

5. Be loud – online and offline!

Do not stay silent or passive in the face of injustice, and encourage others to speak out both online and offline. It is notable that the WEF, like Bill Gates, has deactivated the reply function on their tweets because they fear comments and ratios. In my opinion, this function contradicts Twitter’s fundamental purpose of serving as a platform for dialogue, and it should be abolished. Nevertheless, we can still respond to tweets from those associated with the WEF. The puppets who promote climate lockdowns and carbon credits have already been installed, and we must not allow their plans to succeed. It is crucial to remain factual and courteous in our responses, and make our voices heard.

6. Support Citizen Journalists!

The WEF has a strong dislike for independent reporting. This has resulted in the suppression of scientific research and citizen journalism over the past few years, and it is likely that censorship will continue whenever criticism of the “current thing” is voiced. The mainstream media currently wields a significant amount of power and is not afraid to exploit it. Instead of subscribing to television channels that you hardly ever watch, consider supporting independent citizen journalists with small donations. Many of us can be supported via Substack and Twitter subscriptions, or donation links on our websites and podcast descriptions.

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7. Express and embody your conservative values in your daily life.

The phrase “conservative values” might initially sound old-fashioned to some of you, but the word “conservare” comes from Latin and means “to preserve.” Therefore, we should preserve the idea that there are only two genders, the use of cash as a means of payment, traditional family values, our constitutional freedoms, our right to self-defense, and our right to keep the government from taking most of our income to fund their woke agenda and proxy wars around the world. The freedom of others is dependent on our own freedom. Unfortunately, the WEF does not support this concept.

8. Switch to open-source software instead of using Windows.

It is concerning to see the WEF, along with their affiliated politicians and partners, exhibiting a tendency to monitor our activities. To achieve this, they rely on hardware and software that have backdoors accessible to these entities. While switching to open-source software may seem like a significant adjustment for many, it is crucial to protect our privacy and security. It is worth noting that using Windows allows Bill Gates to access and profit from our information. Therefore, opposing the Great Reset also entails opposing the use of Microsoft Windows. Additionally, it is alarming to learn that Microsoft is driving the ID2020 project, an initiative that aims to provide an officially recognized identity to over one billion people. Big Brother will be watching you!

9. Reject, reject, reject!

Carbon credits, social credit scores, digital health certificates, 15-minute neighborhoods, and bans on animal products are being introduced step by step. Boycott all companies and political parties that promote these things and ideas warned against by George Orwell in his book “1984.” The WEF can only advance its agenda if the majority complies, as we have seen with vaccinations and mask mandates. Be proactive and take the initiative, instead of waiting for others to act. Be proud of your courage and determination, no matter what others may think of you. Remember, the only reality that matters is your own reality!

10. Connect with like-minded people!

I have experienced it firsthand during the pandemic that one can feel very lonely. Although my opinion has now become almost mainstream, it was very different in 2020 and 2021. I was ridiculed, discredited, reported, deprived, fired, and even excluded from weddings. If I had not connected with like-minded people online and offline, I do not know if I would have been able to handle the pressure. Therefore, I can only advise everyone to connect with libertarians who value individual freedom and a rational policy based on facts and human values just as much as you do because the scenario for the next crisis is already in the drawer of the WEF and will come sooner or later. Hail the IPCC!

Take care!


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