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Carrot and stick: My motivation to speak up.

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My name is Dr. Simon Goddek, and I am a scientist. My academic background is biotechnology and systems thinking. The latter, I apply in many areas such as complex ecological systems but also the human metabolism. Within the last years, I have read hundreds of scientific books and papers to understand our bodies better. I learned that the input-output principle is the central issue to consider when it comes to our health.

Within the last 20 months, the pre-2020 narrative has changed towards one that is contrary to what I have learned. I was wondering why all the other doctors and scientists who are presented by the mainstream media are not aware of the factors that determine our health: nutrition, exercise, stress and toxin avoidance, sun exposure, and rich social life. Then I learned that the publications that provided the scientific basis for this ‘plandemic’ can be considered fraudulent and do not represent the bigger picture.

I decided to speak up on Twitter and Telegram, which was very well received. I made it to 35 million views per month on Twitter with an average of 3000 likes per tweet. This degree of influence got me into trouble. I lost my job and eventually also both of my Twitter accounts. I even emigrated from Europe to South America as I feared further personal consequences on the old continent. To me, it is shocking that it got that far, given the fact that my statements are science-backed and meet all criteria of common sense.

However, it seems like all societies are currently turning into brainless lemmings following the propaganda claims of the pharma-backed and elite-owned mainstream media. None of what I am observing is making sense: 

  • Face masks do not stop the virus and are most likely harmful to those wearing them, and still, they are not be questioned but instead enforced.
  • The administered vaccines are still experimental. It’s the first time people are exposed to this gene therapy (i.e. vector and mRNA vaccines), and no long-term effects are known. And yet, everybody is threatened to take it even though the mortality rates in almost all countries are lower than in the previous years.
  • We are told that we need to comply to protect not only ourselves but also others. That is a contradiction in terms. We are deprived of our civil freedoms and are blackmailed into getting them back if we allow the government to inject us with an experimental drug. The trend goes towards two or three booster shots per year that needs to be taken to remain a free person.
  • These experts that are in the spotlight tell us that we should not believe other opinions. In recent years, journalists would have revolted against such statements. Nowadays, they back such slanders by calling dissidents ‘covid deniers’, ‘Nazis’, or ‘super spreaders’.
  • The testing principle is fraudulent. The Ct value is often above 40, which does not make sense as the viral load above 25 Cts can be considered irrelevant. The high Ct is one reason why we have determined the PCR tests to result in false-positive outcomes mainly
  • This common cold virus doesn’t pose a threat to children. Nonetheless, politicians and journalists are running a PR campaign to convince the world that injecting children with an experimental drug is vital for society.
  • People were always concerned about their privacy but now showing their testing results and PCR tests literally to everyone. 

All of these issues and many more were coming up again and again. I have discovered my unknown talent to expose these contradictions by using the strongest tool existing: WORDS. Connecting all these dots is something I apply every day in my systems thinking domain. Once all these dots are connected, the obvious cannot be unseen anymore. There is a strong force within me to express my thoughts and hold up a mirror to these zealots, which resulted in many pharma and Gates Foundation shills coming after me. 

These are only my personal troubles that I more or less unintentionally chose. What is yet to come, however, is what worries me the most. What is going to happen with people who don’t comply? How can such a conspiracy (i.e. the official narrative) be maintained throughout the next couple of years? How far will our governments go? I am convinced that we have to consider that those who are in influential positions cannot back off anymore. If the narrative falls, they fall, and none of them will give up power voluntarily and eventually face the consequences. I hope that people will wake up when they are told to get seasonal shots to keep their freedom; that many people who complied in the first instance ‘to get their freedoms back’ won’t accept a never-ending story. This is not the world I want to live in, and neither do you, no matter which faction you belong to. 

All the best,

Dr. Simon

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  1. I admire you people who have just done what was the right thing. You and others have been viciously attacked and discredited but if people only stopped to actually think to read and question in the way people should be able to do, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. You ought to stand tall and proud for trying to provide reason and speaking truth.
    Well done Dr Simon. I thank you

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