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More individual responsibility: the state paternalism must stop.

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It is time to return to the principles of individual responsibility and self-determination. Everybody is responsible for one’s well-being, and everybody is free to make choices about one’s diet and drugs consumption. It is also a free choice whether and how much one wants to exercise, even though it is essential for cardiovascular health.

You can thus do whatever you want with your own body, but let us get one thing clear: it is not okay to put others at risk. Speeding, for instance, or drinking and driving are consequently prohibited in many regions – and rightly so.

The current global narrative, however, has shifted from “self-responsibility” towards illogical dimensions. The principle of a “Volkskörper” (German Nazi term meaning “national body”) returned from the 3rd Reich. This fascist ideology has subordinated one’s body to national health. People consequently were not primarily responsible for their bodies anymore.

Similar developments are currently being observed regarding compulsory vaccination and mask usage. Even though governments and media incorrectly claim that masks and vaccines work, everybody is indirectly forced to comply and be part of the biggest human experiment in history.

The necessity for wearing such a face mask is justified with “to protect yourself and others” and repeated in mantra fashion. So let us take a closer look at that:

  • To Protect yourself…: as stated above, it is your own decision whether you want to be protected from a common cold virus or not. However, if I am afraid of getting sick, I will take actions that I, and not you, consider appropriate for myself. For example, if I do not want to get wet, I will use an umbrella, and if I don’t want to get kids, I will make sure to dispose of my semen elsewhere. 
  • … and others: these “others” can protect themselves by wearing a mask, face screen, etcetera. If it’s raining and they do not want to get wet, they also would not demand everybody else to use an umbrella to keep them dry because it does not make sense. Me wearing a condom also does not prevent others from getting an STD or pregnant.

The same accounts for vaccines and gene therapies; if you are convinced that these vaccines work and want to be protected against whatever, then do so and get the jab. But don’t ask others to get an injection too so that they can protect you. That doesn’t make any sense. Likewise, if you think that these vaccines don’t work sufficiently, don’t demand others take them. It’s just that simple, especially as herd immunity can never be achieved against respiratory viruses.

With freedom comes responsibility, a responsibility that can only be met by the individual.

Ronald Reagan

The enforcement of these measures can consequently be consisted to be a political game. It’s about power and money. Many big techs and big pharma companies already have much more power than whole countries, and nothing is easier to control than compliant people who muzzle themselves.

Figure 2. Logical reasoning isn’t the zealots’ strength. 

If it were really about our health and well-being, governments and media would enlighten us concerning our immune system. For example, the quality of food (i.e. nutrition), the amount of exercise, the avoidance of stress and health-damaging substances, and the exposure to the sun have much more impact on our health than rags full of fungi and bacteria, and experimental drugs with unknown long-term effects.

But this isn’t the case. On the contrary, our health is knowingly being jeopardised, most likely to increase the wealth and power of a handful of people. Other end games such as population control and are still pure speculations. Nevertheless, I consider the current situation a “global civil infowar”, where the ruling class manipulates and divides a whole civilisation. The best way out of this misery is to provide the compliant part of our society with subjective information. The harder we fight for this peaceful solution, the less lifetime will be wasted in the end.

Dr. Simon

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