Journalism in Crisis

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The current COVID crisis goes hand in hand with journalism. A bubble of complacent journalists writes what is expected of them and what grants them applause from their own profession and the political and social elite that ensnares this profession. Dissenting opinions are usually considered right-winged, and people who criticise their work are Nazis and/or conspiracy theorists. Even if there are no right-wing populists among the critics, any criticism is still dismissed with the argument that it could potentially receive applause from the right. With this irrational reasoning, critics can be silenced, and political measures can be legitimised. The majority of journalists do not realise that their subjective and biased reporting facilitates authoritarian structures that aim to introduce health fascism step by step.

It is indeed disconcerting that 30 years after the end of apartheid, such segregation is becoming socially acceptable again and is supported, if not encouraged, by most of the BLM movement and other people that consider themselves “open and tolerant”. Racial apartheid and any social segregation are rightly demonised. Health apartheid, however, is appropriate as those who have legitimate concerns about the still experimental vaccines are considered a potential danger to public health. The same group of people also adorn themselves with the claim that they are the ones who listen to science. However, this assumption is based on a misconception, as they assume that the scientists who are in the media spotlight are unbiased.

The breeding ground of this misconception is again the mainstream media, as they mainly present biased scientists, many of whom are funded by Big Pharma or “philanthropic” organisations such as the Gates Foundation or the Wellcome Trust. This is reflected in the FOIA emails, which cover emails from and to Fauci. In these emails, he discusses “gain of function research” in early February 2020, suggesting that the virus is engineered.

Fauci was also aware of a possible lab leak and admitted that masks are not effective but stated something totally different publicly. And what did the media do? MSNBC just twisted the story all around and literally said that his emails make him look good – no joke.

It was also apparent that NGOs (e.g. @wellcometrust) took the lead in managing the narrative and planned a teleconference at the beginning of February 2020.

Especially striking is who participated in that conference. Fauci, Christian Drosten, Marion Koopmans, Edward Holmes etc. are now the faces of the pandemic, who are continuously spreading fear and panic instead of being a voice of reason.

An article published by Timothy Schwab in the British Medical Journal revealed that the Wellcome Trust is one of the major funders of health research and “stands to gain financially from the pandemic, raising questions about transparency and accountability.” This available information should be a godsend for journalists. Journalism must go where it hurts. It has the task of exposing state corruption and lies. It is not for nothing that journalism is considered the 4th pillar of democracy.

Despite the outsize role that private charities play in the pandemic response, their financial interests have been little scrutinised, likely because foundations are not subject to the same oversight mechanisms as public institutions.

Tim Schwab, independent journalist in BMJ (2021; 372)

The truth and people who reveal it are increasingly condemned. Assange is sitting in a high-security prison, Snowden somewhere in Russia, and critical voices during this health crisis are slandered and censored by those who should critically investigate the issues. Also, statements by the above-mentioned scientists are not being questioned by the media. Investigative journalism is almost non-existent. As a scientist, I ask myself how it is possible that scientists who constantly contradict themselves aren’t facing any criticism!?

Instead of being self-reflective, the statements of these biased scientists are often reinforced by the media’s own “fact-checkers”. These fact-checkers do not do what their name implies but spread propaganda loyal to the regime. Facts are distorted, and dubious scientists and institutions are supported. This often happens through character assassination, with the objective that critical and factual people are perceived as conspiracy theorists and cranks by the general public.

Therefore, we have no choice but to take over the critical reporting ourselves. That’s why I identify myself as a journalist now. Everybody can be a journalist but presstitutes. The latter receive money for uncritically spreading propaganda.

You can recognise good journalism by the degree to which it is fact-oriented and defends democracy. I don’t want to lump all journalists together in this thread. There are still upright journalists out there who stand in the way of global media propaganda. At the moment, we can observe that opinion journalism is increasing while investigative journalism is decreasing. Important factors are that media are in the hands of a few rich people and that social media can manipulate opinions.

I am personally very concerned about this development. As mentioned above, we need to educate and encourage people to inform themselves. We need to expose corrupt entanglements and contradictions while it is still possible. The longer we wait, the more limited are our possibilities to express our opinions freely. By the time the Social Credit System is gradually introduced, we will have lost the freedom war we are currently in.

My thanks go to all of you who are treading this rocky path together with me and other freedom-loving supporters. You are the freedom fighters of this century, and future generations will be grateful to you.

Critical journalism requires support. I am happy about every little contribution.

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  1. Unfortunately, the ‘Ministry of Information’ (1984 style) is in operation. Libraries are being eviscerated of dissent across all walks of life and replaced with ‘new-speak’ works that toe-the-line. Search engines are demoting information not ‘woke’, and such, to the bowels of the earth so that they never see the light of day. This is so blatant that it is hidden in public view and the vast majority of the populace are fed the MSM and offical ‘Soma’ they have no desire to rock, or have rocked, their boat. “Things are just fine, don’t rock the boat – have the vax and all will be well …. mmmmm soma, that’s better … Big Brother I love you”

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