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I have cited a statement made in the Texan Congress, which was reason enough to put me into a seven-day Twitter quarantine. Previously, I have been banned for posting my peer-reviewed vitamin D publication and a paper on the effectiveness of masks. Both Cancel Science and Cancel Culture are real. I fully understand that propaganda hoaxes and fake reports should be tackled. However, the public opinion is currently dominated by international big-tech in collaboration with governments and major media companies.

In that way, we are told what to think. Experts and journalists who still dare to speak up are silenced by the adherents of the self-declared truth. Once one comes up with arguments that do not correspond to the official narrative, the unperturbed swarm of mosquitoes is already on its way. Only rarely does the “feedback” go beyond ad hominem attacks. Most of the time, one is discredited as a covid or science denier, conspiracy theorist, anti-Semite, or Nazi. The mob masses are often also just victims of manipulation.

The degree of censorship and oppression has taken on new dimensions under the guise of fighting the pandemic. By politicising science (i.e. manipulation of science for political gain) academic and scientific freedom has been negatively affected. There is only one ‘Truth’ left. And it is precisely this circumstance that is alarming since scientific discourse is based on different opinions that can be underpinned with evidence. If you put 100 scientists in one room, you’ll still have 100 different opinions based on personal knowledge and evidence interpretation.

The product of scientific achievements should be for sale. The scientists should not.

It’s this plurality that generates knowledge. This is why scientific conferences were held before the pandemic. People got together to exchange information and perspectives. Thinking outside the box is important because many problems in the real world are multi-disciplinary. A virologist, for instance, has very little to do with public health. Likewise, there are other scientists who have much better insights into human metabolism. Bringing pieces of information together can therefore solve problems in a holistic way. It is still a mystery to me how we have allowed these scientific principles to become obsolete.

The global implementation of the Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ has led to the fact that this much-needed dialogue is labelled as betrayal and disdain for humanity. Citing peer-reviewed studies and expressing concern suddenly poses a danger to the general public. Scientists who oppose the dictatorship of opinion are defamed as heretics, dragged through the mud by the media and silenced by social media.

Martin Kulldorff, for example, had a similar experience to mine. Martin is a professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Havard Medical School. He was banned from Twitter for a week for talking about masks. The accusation that he spread misleading and potentially harmful information is an outrageous insolence. Within the last couple of weeks, many others have been temporarily banned for referring to scientific publications that criticize the current measures. Alternative solutions must be discussed objectively as long as they are based on well-documented facts.

The whole situation stands and falls with the media coverage. But no improvement is in sight here either. I have learned from journalist contacts that criticism of the measures and procedures in many media houses is currently unwelcome. Journalists who nevertheless express criticism in social media are directly attacked and intimidated by the above-mentioned mob. Their hatred is often fuelled by so-called fact-checkers, who portray dissenters as enemies of the people in 1933-style.

Particularly journalists who are committed to the system should ask themselves why politicians and scientists who are almost always wrong with their forecasts and assessments are repeatedly invited to talk shows and news programmes. In the meantime, I have given up hope that the present seasonality will lead to a change in thinking. The underlying reason is that most journalists are part of a bubble that favours harsh measures. 

This is because their radical environment would not accept a critical stance, which could lead to professional and private troubles. Besides, their own opinion is strengthened by their environment. This principle is called confirmation bias.

Confirmation Bias (Copyright: fs.blog)

Even though I have done nothing wrong and act purely on moral grounds, I am consistently discredited on the internet by disciples of the alarmists and fact-checkers. Some cultists are not even afraid of destroying lives. My former employer, for instance, has been contacted several times because I debunked that Christian Drosten very likely skipped the peer review process for his PCR test publication. Every time I submit scientific publications myself, however, the respective journals are contacted by the woke “sceptics”, and I am accused of untenable conflicts of interest (e.g. that I sold vitamin D pills, LOL). Those fact-checkers who do this are not fact-checkers at all.

They are propaganda tools of the ruling elite. Their ideological blinkers prevent them from questioning their own position. This is precisely how the critical voices among us scientists are increasingly muzzled. It is only a question of time before I and many others are permanently banned from Twitter and other “social” media. 

Therefore, I have decided to set up this website (https://www.goddeketal.com). I also have my own Telegram channel: https://t.me/goddek, and I created a backup account in case my main account is no longer accessible for whatever reason. You can find it under the handle @goddeksineal.

I will keep on fighting for our fundamental rights and democracy. Hope dies last.


  1. I have been sanctioned by twitter three times now yesterday I was banned from Facebook for telling the truth about the British government’s hidden agenda. I really can’t understand why people cannot see what is going on around them. Things have now become so predicable you can almost pinpoint when the next draconian lie is about to be enforced. I cannot stand by and watch millions of potential deaths caused by this leathal concoction of heavy metals and poisons that they are passing off as the savior to a non existant pandemic. People are going to have to get together and form some kind of resistance for what is coming next. This WW3 we are fighting now and it is only going to get worse.

    • I keep looking for others seeking to stand against this poison being injected into people following like sheep. They are now after the children. They have pushed fear, now its bribery and greed, next they will try to round us up and force us to submit. They have already started requiring it by some employers. They are pushing it on all medical and our military. Few research. So much evil. Even when people are warned..they don’t believe the truth. What ever they don’t want the public to know, they label false information or conspiracy theory. People believe what they are told to believe, they no longer use common sense or think on their own. There should be a requirement for each death certification that records if they took this jab…and which one?

  2. I love in the US. I was a Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound technologist fof 20 years. A year ago, I researched every single ingredient in the so called VAX. I posted the link to Frontline Drs on Fakebook and was instantly banned, also from Twitter and Instagram. I had over 400 followers on Facebook and had over 200 people thank me. I had a few ? but now they will know that I was right. It’s on Fox News here about Facebook whistle blowers at Project Verstias. At least I saved some lives. I am seriously ?about them aiding in genocidal murder . Crimes against humanity = Nuremberg code

  3. There is a broad, global, coalition of individuals and people acting as part of organizations and governments who regard it as their highest duty to protect the world (the impressionable public – and some are impressionable regarding microchips in vaccines, or 5G cellphone radiation causing COVID-19) from any information which challenges the supreme primacy of VACCINES as THE way to solve the COVID-19 crisis.

    This doesn’t just affect scientific debate, or the ability to get funding and be employed as a scientist. It also affects the ability of anyone to discuss such matters, and alternative views – such the importance of vitamin D https://vitamindstopscovid.info/03-not-orphan/ – which challenge the VACCINES ONLY dominant narrative. Never mind that the mRNA and adenovirus vector “vaccines” which are the only ones available in many developed countries are not vaccines at all. (Traditional inactivated virus vaccines raise immunity to epitopes not just on a particular form of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, but on the less likely to be altered nucleocapsid protein.)

    Scientists expressing sentiments such as: “Program billions or trillions of cells in hundreds of millions of people (some now children and pregnant women) to each express hundreds or thousands of viral spike proteins on their cell surfaces, and to float around in the bloodstream – for the express purpose of giving their adaptive immune systems target practice. What could go wrong?” are playing with fire regarding their reputation and career.

    The suppression of scientific and general debate is recognised by many, including Vinay Prasad MD (and Master of Public Health – I always salute people who study public health): https://www.medpagetoday.com/blogs/vinay-prasad/92868

    The problem is that as part of this suppression, governments and medical licensing boards are completely disrupting the relationship between doctors and their patients. The same is surely true for nurses too. Doctors and nurses are only allowed to practice their craft if the government (via the licensing board) says so. They can’t even do it as a hobby if the board withdraws their license – that would be a crime.

    So the numerous restrictions governments and licensing boards place on the utterances, in any public form, and the advice medical professionals give directly to their patients is a scandalous, dangerous and I believe disastrous development – because it denies people the possibility of getting the benefit of their doctor’s or nurses complete, considered, clinical judgement. This is just a comment, not a treatise, so I won’t list lots of examples. Anyone reading widely today already knows them.

    However, see this BMJ Rapid Response:



    “Nevertheless, what I am currently struggling with is the failure to report the reality of the morbidity caused by our current vaccination program within the health service and staff population. The levels of sickness after vaccination is unprecedented and staff are getting very sick and some with neurological symptoms which is having a huge impact on the health service function. Even the young and healthy are off for days, some for weeks, and some requiring medical treatment. Whole teams are being taken out as they went to get vaccinated together.”

    by an experienced London psychiatrist, Katya Polyakova: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katya-polyakova-b27b97a4/ , which was removed by the BMJ editors: https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n810/rr-14 not for misrepresenting reality, not for being fraudulent in any way, but simply because other people were using it as justification for criticisms of the COVID-19 mRNA and adenovirus vector so-called “vaccines”.

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